Pet Recovery & Wounded Deer Recovery

We Help Hunters Recover Their Deer

How do we do it?

We use cutting edge drone technology to find and recovery your deer. Available everywhere throughout the Midwest! Contact us to see if there’s an operator in your area!


Text “Recover my Deer” to 724-877-3813, along with your address and contact information.
Texting Recover My Deer is the best way to get started. We will then text you a link to complete the process, and get the recovery underway.


You pay w/ credit card.
We’ll get some details on where you’re hunting, and confirm if we have a pilot available.
Then, we’ll send vou a link you can complete the purchase of your deer recovery via any smartphone.
Deer recovery costs $350, plus mileage over 50 MI. (Tips welcome if we’re successful.)


We arrive at your location!
Once payment is confirmed, we head out in your direction. Travel time depends on where you’re located. You’ll show us where you hit the deer, we’ll make a plan and deploy the drone.


We recover your deer!
Once the drone is up in the air, finding your deer can take as little as 60 seconds, but usually not more than 2 hours.
In a 2 hour of flight time we can search up to 500 acres.
Our drones has a combination of search lights, night vision & thermal imaging to assist in deer recovery.